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Having heard from friends about scalping traders and fabulous profits that receive scalpers, trading mostly on the stock exchange Forex, I decided to find out what is scalping, and if I can and I earn so much money, but the stock market. We should start by finding out what kind of appliances such “scalping”

Scalping – differential method (derivative work)

Personally, I do not understand even after reading an article on that site until the end. In the same article, talking about automating Scalping trade, says the following:

Look for the group behavior of pairs, ie how to move the instruments after the breakdown of the current day high and low. If EURO, pound and EURJPY crawl in one direction and the franc, Canadian and the yen – to another, this is confirmation of a stable trend for the whole session, sometimes – the whole day. Sometimes,  couples to live his life together. Then from the two instruments: the yen and EURJPY choose one whose behavior is consistent evrotendentsii

How can we automate, if “sometimes” have to look and choose.

The site is decorated beautifully, the site sold a few advisers (MTS) for scalping for forex, there is even a partner program, but the information I need, I have not found it. Go ahead.

Scalping – a system of trade intra-day

Wow, very good definition. Read on:

Profit depends on the trader ie nature. I like in one transaction on the average 15-20 points. Successfully mastered the rules and stuffed his hand on Demo account, moved to Real. The whole fusion deposit within a week I returned ”

Stuffed arm? Draining the deposit? No, it’s not our approach.

Using these approaches requires strong nerves and good response

What nerve, what kind of reaction? The same is trading, not boxing, there must be present calm and calculated, rather than the nerves and reaction. Let’s do a little break and try to search the forums.