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Here you can download free forex scalping indicator for 1 minute timeframe
I am very pleased that the site is gradually going to a good audience of fellow traders who not only read but also to express their opinions. Today I want to post a comment visitor CMS on scalping.

Scalping – a work in ALL micromotion greater than double the commission and allowance for slippage.

Scalper anyway – who, what and why the exhibits, the main thing that swayed in volume and were powerful.

Most severe risk  – Bounce out of position at the slightest turn and even reducing the volume to a minute not hang at a standstill. Fixing the profit at the end of the day.

Why there are scalpers and they are even encouraged to:

* Smart scalper can confidently mathematically safe rubai yourself a pretty penny on a stable profit, which is comparable to the average “human” salary;
* Scalpers need to give the market trading vivacity: they are beneficial to brokers, exchanges, and even larger players, which they skillfully uses.

Why do not all rush and did not become overnight scalpers:

* For scalping approach only a small “instantaneous” a sum not providing their own impact on the market: the millions not scalping, large amounts (by the standards of financiers) on scalping will not work. But to support panties natural person may be enough.
* Work scalper no better programmer, under the same or even less income. Only a full-time programmer with experience and intelligence needed profit scalper, the income is much more reliable.

And of course, work scalper is not staring at the glass, but the writing and debugging a continuous program that will hang the entire trading session and collect the penny at each tick.