Scalping. Metatrader 4 Indicators for scalping

Forex Scalping.  Metatrader 4 Indicators for scalping. Download here.

Scalping Forex can we very profitable if you use “right” scalping Forex software.
Scalping – a technique of trading in the Forex market for small currency fluctuations. The basic meaning of which is to earn 10 to 15 cents on every transaction, at the risk of only two or three cents. In the end of the day at M1-M5 timeframes, makes a lot of deals. The main thing – it’s quick entry and exit from the transaction, using limit orders.

Forex Indicators

Rules scalping

The basic rules of scalping are:
* Never trade against a current trend.
* Always enter a trade if a signal follows a current trend
(example: trend is UP, but you got a sell signal – ignore it!)
* The presence of a very small spread, no more than 3-4 paragraphs.
* Big enough Bid or Offer;
* The trader must have a great experience trading a particular instrument
* Small, quiet but price fluctuations.

Advantages of scalping – trade practically with minimal risk.
Disadvantages scalping – a large volume of trade. Trading on limit orders, ie, input and output must be very fast. For all the merits scalping is considered to be a very nervous type of trading because you need to constantly monitor the level of the feet.

It must be borne in mind, the main points when the indicators for scalping does not work:

* For the publication of important economic news and events
* At market nizkovolatilnom (holidays);
* For profit at the end of the sessions (Asian, European and American), usually accompanied by movements not weak.

Especially on Friday.

Usually in a pure form of scalping indicators are not used in the market. Need a whole system of scalping, because it gives better results than using a single indicator.

Be very careful when you scalp, use only tested, proven to be profitable scalping trading indicators.
One of them is that you can trust is http://www.freescalpingindicators.com