Range Bars Trading Strategy and Chart | Free System

Here is a Free Range Bar trading system.  What is it? Plain candlesticks based strictly on time. It took 5 minutes – painted body, closed the bar. In general, trading systems, particularly mechanical trading system are guided by the closure of the bar entrance and carry on the closing price.
Update: RANGE BAR INDICATOR – 100% Free here
Range bars Forex strategies are proven to be profitable by many traders around the World. Range bar system is very simple and don’t need any special
trading skills and can be used even by beginners. All you have to know is how to read
simple bars ( candlesticks ) on your trading platform’s charts.

To trade a range bar strategy you have to wait for a range bars formations on on your chart.
Strong signal to open a trade is a breakout of a top bar.
Wait for a breakout (as shown on the Range bars trading strategy screenshot below)
and enter a trade. Place your stop loss order a few pips away ( 3-5 pips) from a top bar.
The system is a 100% free range bar system, feel free to use it and share with friends
or post on any Forex forums