Scalping Forex system

Here you can learn and download simple forex scalping system which is very profitable!
Scalping  – a strategy based on the principle of rapid opening and closing positions  1-5 minute charts, with a view to profit, which covers the size of the spread. That is, as soon as the profit  on the position to become a  positive and happy trader – is closing orders.

With proper  strategy, scalping becomes a very profitable trading system. Next, we  present an example of a profitable trading system based on rules of scalping.

Free Forex Scalping Strategy step by step:
Open 2 charts: EUR/USD and GBP/USD. The trick is that those two pairs always follow each other. Get closer look on both charts and you will notice absolutely the same movements of those 2 pairs. What’s the catch? Well, the catch is that very often one of this 2 pairs ( mostly GBP/USD ) may go for a while in opposite direction of the EUR/USD. This is usually happen during active market hours – for example London or US trading sessions.
As soon as you see that GBP/USD stop moving in opposite direction from EUR/USD and
start going back ( same way as EUR/USD ) – place your order! There are usually 5-10 trading opportunities a day when you can open a trade and scalp a lot of pips quickly and easy! This simple forex scalping system is proven to be profitable because it is uses the global market law that GBP follow EUR ( Europian union..).
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Happy scalping on Forex!