What is Scalping in Forex Trading

What is Scalping in Forex Trading – step by step explanation and free scalping tools.
In the forex market, there are currently several types of trade. This is a long-term trading, medium and short term. Scalping is a form of short-term trading. Some traders believe that scalping is a short-term trading, the fact that “short-term” everyone is different. So for someone – something to keep the position open 2 days is a long term trade, but for someone – then hold the position of the 2 months – medium.

The word is derived from the words of scalping the scalp and can be treated as a withdrawal technique “scalp” from the market in the form of small profits.

Let us examine in more detail what is scalping? Scalping – a kind of trading in financial markets, in which a trader closes the position is always either a small loss, or with a small profit.

A trader who practices scalping, has a large number of transactions in a short period of time. In order to improve the performance of each transaction, scalpers usually use a lot of leverage. Scalping can yield results only in a very volatile currency pairs with low spreads.

It should be noted also that scalping is technically very complex kind of trade. Profit by using this tactic to get trade more difficult than in long-term trading – but a lot faster. The reason here is that the market for small timeframes behaves very unpredictably. You will need a good scalping trading tool – for example you can download and use a totally free scalping indicator here And, of course – well, do not forget about the spread, which is slowly but surely killing the trader deposit practitioner scalping.

These difficulties did not stop many people. Scalping is a popular type of trade, especially for beginners in the forex market. It probably happens because the result of their actions on the foreign exchange market can be obtained almost immediately, within a few minutes.

Of course – the same, there are cases where the trader scalping can produce big enough profits. For example, selecting the correct direction for the entry into the market, and greatly increasing the leverage, the trader can disrupt a good sum and deposit increase in 4-5 times per day. But also be aware of the risks. After all, once using scalping can increase the deposit as many times a day, it can be in so much – the same time and reduce.

Before deal with this type of trade, it is better to learn to trade larger timeframes, which influence the spread and market noise is not so much. And after you receive a confidence in his own actions, to begin to learn scalping and try to aggressively build up a deposit.
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