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Free Forex Trend Indicator – download.
Of the entire list of problems solved by a trader in front of the market, one of the first is the definition of the trend. And there is no single right answer for everyone, how do I determinate a current trend on a particular pair. The reason is simple: each trader chooses his own time frame, which defines the trend. In other words, someone determines the long-term trend for the entrance with wide stop-loss and distant targets, and someone is looking for short-term trend for fast input with a small stop-loss and as short a take profit. Whatever it was, what would you trend to define it, a short-term or long-term the tools for this task is a Forex trend indicator.
How our free trend indicator for metatrader4 works:

Definition of a trend: to determine the trend in this indicator is used advanced trend recognition algorithm – built in 3 in 1 Forex trend indicators.

Trading signals: Place a buy or sell order when the price changes color.
Download Free Forex Trend Indicator for scalping trading (it works fine for all major timeframes: M1 M5 M15 M30)