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Forex Scalping Strategy – is aggressive forms of trading and often not suited to all traders. The most popular scalping trading is (of course) Forex, the most popular pairs for scalping are EUR/USD and GBP/JPY. The purpose of scalping – short-term trades with a profit of a few dozen points.

Scalping strategies are as an endorsement or criticism by the traders. Some traders believe that with scalping you can get rich quick, while others believe that the short-term trading – is catching the noise, which can not be predicted and, therefore, such a strategy unprofitable.
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When working with a small deposit or a virtual deposit (for example, participating in the traders contest), you can significantly increase the risk, as in this case a big risk pays off. Using great scalping strategy forex traders to go well some increase in deposits several times in just a few days or weeks. However, having a large deposit to that at greater risk increases the probability of losing everything.

Currently, there are many trading systems based on scalping. Most scalpers automate their trade. It is popularly used scripts that can open or close several positions simultaneously, but from our our experience all scalping EA robots never work on live accounts!
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