Best Free Scalping Indicator Forex (buy sell)

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Scalping – the differential trading method. Apply to all markets, but is especially effective in the Forex market as the most liquid and dynamic of all the markets.

Scalping – the technology trade, providing multiple (often) the conclusion of transactions in order to obtain a large number of small profitable trades. Focus on … monotonous trend plots ( when the first derivative of the trend does not change its sign), but not for short time intervals, as many believe.

The time interval (timeframe) in this case depends on what the trader believes a monotone section. But monotony does not depend on the volatility (dynamics), as determined solely by the preferences of market participants. Consequently, the scalp (lick) profit can for 3-5 seconds, and within 3-5 minutes, but can be longer.

I dare say … that scalping, as part of the technology trade intraday, potentially exceeds the profitability of all other known methods of trade (especially in Forex). The trader only needs to have proper psychomotor, other business equipment … Serious scalpers – the units, it is – the elite of successful traders.
Best Free Scalping Indicator

The whole mechanism is incorporated in the “Best Free Scalping Indicator”. Its sophisticated algorithm consists of a set of custom metatrader4 indicators based on the ratios of Fibonacci. In addition there is an indicator Heikin Ashi, which in itself is unique, if the previous candle was green, the 86.3% probability that the next candle will also be green.

But this indicator is rightfully the best indicator for scalping. He draws on the chart a histogram, showing what to do to buy or sell.
Red  – to sell
Yellow – to buy.

Should bear in mind the main points when indicators for scalping does not work:
– With the publication of important economic news and events
– When the market nizkovolatilnom (holidays);
– With profit at the end of sessions (Asian, European and American), usually accompanied by movements of the courses not weak. Especially on a Friday.

Best Free Scalping Indicator is a totally free mt4 indicator – download and use it. SCREENSHOT is here