New Forex Scalping Indicator Latest Version for metatrader 4

Here you can download our totally free scalping indicator Forex for metatrader4.
We have just uploaded new latest version with even better performance than any
previous version. The indicator created especially for scalping short trades and
optimized to work on 1 minute and 5 minutes timeframes.
The average win ratio is up to 85% on a good strong market. Make sure to use
free scalping indicator during strong sessions: London session, US session, Asia session.
The indicator will tell you exactly when to buy or sell by printing easy to read red and yellow lines. There is absolutely nothing to learn – it is totally plug and play mt4 trading tool that can be used by anyone even without scalping trading experince.
If you open indicator properties – tools.. you can change the indicator “speed” parameter.
We suggest to use the indicator in default mode in order to filter all false and unconfirmed
buy sell signals.
You can start doing scalping in 2 minutes from now – download and use 100% free scalping indicator here

Some scalping trading advices:
1. We recommend using the shortest timeframes.
2. Preparation for the trade occurs within 5-15 minutes. At this time, the trader must follow market activity.
3. Use the best pair of low spreads and high intraday volatility.
4. The most appropriate time for scalping – during the sessions of the intersection of Asia and the United States or Europe and the USA.
5. Open a position, only after our free indicator discovers the current short-term trend.
6. Stop-loss is set about 5-10 points.
7. The main rule is to make a profit – it is about 1 – 1.5 times the spread on the pair.