Free Buy and Sell Arrows Forex Indicator

Download Free Buy and Sell Arrows Forex Indicator mq4 ex4
Arrows MetaTrader indicator – shows you where there was a crossing of the CCI to zero (by marking the place of red or blue arrow) to help you decide which way to take a position – up or down. It has a minimal delay and relatively high accuracy. This simple indicator – a good choice for traders who prefer to trade as easy as possible and do not like complex indicators. The indicator can be downloaded in versions for MT4.
Input parameters:

The indicator gives a direct buy signals (green arrow pointing up) and for sale (red arrow pointing down). You should not enter the position when the signal contrary to the general trend. If now the bull market and you’ve got the green arrow – buy if you get the red – do not sell, but close long position, if the bearish trend and now you’ve got a red arrow – sell if you get the blue – do not buy, but close the short position, if now No trend – a position in either direction depending on the direction. I recommend setting your stop-loss level, where an arrow (you can find the exact numerical value by moving the mouse pointer over). I also recommend using a trailing stop (trailing stop) for positions that are open with the help of the indicator.
Download Free Buy and Sell Arrows Forex Indicator Enjoy, it’s totally free Forex trading tool!