Best Forex Scalping System

Here you can download best Free Scalping Forex system that really works – a strategy based on the principle of a fast opening and closing of positions 1-5 minute charts for profit, covering the size of the spread.
What is Forex Scalping? That is, as soon as the profit on the position to become positive and happy trader is closing orders. Based on this definition, traders have come up with alternative name scalping – Scalping. If you see the term scalping, you know, it’s about scalping.

A characteristic feature of scalping is, first of all, a large number of transactions made. 1 day trader can carry from 30 to 1,000 transactions. In most cases, the use of graphics scalping M1 (1 minute) and M5 (5 minutes). For successful trading scalper requires large leverage. The vast majority of scalpers uses leverage of $ 1:200 – 1:500. For example, with leverage of 1:500, you can open a 1 lot position at a pledge of $ 200. Later we’ll talk about each rule, the underlying scalping.

Among professional traders scalping is not popular, because many traders scalping associated with senseless risk and lack of a clear strategy for entry and exit into the market. In part, this is true, but not quite (more on this later). Today, there are many different strategies based on scalping for different currency pairs and time frames (time periods). But as mentioned above, the basic principle in its strategy of 1 – “be on time to take profits.”

For you to better understand the basic principles of strategy scalping, let’s reveal the main pros and cons of this trading strategy.
Pros scalping (scalping) at Forex:

– If successful transactions, margins of 10-30% (depending on the level of risk) on the size of the deposit on the day.
– No need to learn technical and fundamental analysis. To trade with the scalping must use only the rules of opening and closing positions. The basic rules of scalping we consider later.
– Free access to the market. No need to wait for the trend, as can trade at any time, on any kind of trend.
Cons scalping (scalping) at Forex:

– Strong tension when playing on a real account. Prepare to be to stock up on tranquilizers. You never know what you have prepared for the trend.

– With a large leverage, pipsuya random position can lose your deposit if the trend is dramatically unfold.
– Lack of free time for manual scalping. During a manual trade, whether you like it or not, you’ll always watch the open position. You can certainly get away for a couple of minutes, a cup of tea, but it rarely turns anyone. In connection with the nervous tension you can not break away from the terminal, especially when profit becomes greater than zero.
– In order to ensure that your income exceeds the zero mark, the price should increase the size of the spread. That is, the original transaction will always be in the red by an amount Streda.

– Some Forex brokers instead spread the practice of using removal percent with open trades, in other words you will have to shoot Brokerage. In such cases it is necessary to cover the amount of Brokerage transactions scalping.
– High risk of low income. Risking all their money on each transaction, you’ll have 1-2 $. With a large number of profitable trades you, of course, be able to have a healthy profit of 10-30% per day (depending on the deposit and the amount of transactions). But, as we have already mentioned above, any small movement can kill your deposit for a few seconds.
– Many brokers inflate the value of orders TakeProfit and StopLoss. Most brokers you can not set a stop order within 5 pips from the price. If you only use a manual trade, you will not have time to set a stop order. At this point attention should be paid only to those who use the automated trading system based on scalping.

Before you take stock of what was worth it to apply scalping when playing on a real account or not, let’s list the rules underlying the scalping.

– Income must cover spread size. With a spread of 2 points, the order can be closed with an increase rate of 3-5 points.
– Most of the scalpers operate a value of 5 points.
– Use a minute charts (M1). Minute chart is best suited for scalping, because it shows the fastest volatility.
– Use a maximum leverage. For a small deposit, great leverage significantly increase your opportunities. To leverage 1:500 enough $ 20 to take a position of 0.1 lot.

When a competent strategy, scalping is becoming a very profitable trading system. Next, we give an example of a profitable trading system, based on the rules of scalping.

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