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Free Forex Scalping Robot (Expert Advisors)

I guess every trader faced with an expression as advisors Forex. The network has a lot of information about the EA with feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. On this site we will try to describe the best and most popular forex advisor, both paid and free. All of them operate on a metatrader4 trading platform.

What is forex scalping EA ?

Forex Expert Advisors – a specially designed program for automatic fast (scalping) operation on the Forex, which make it possible to carry out transactions without human intervention. All you need – is to understand by your expert adviser, set the options, according to which the robot will trade for you and get profit. But… keep reading
and we will tell you the shocking truth about forex trading robots!

So, Expert Advisors automatically monitors trends in a specific period of time – for scalping usually M1 and M5 timeframes. Forex Advisor uses indicators or other analyzers, the Forex expert adviser itself consider and compare the different conditions and market factors, and then on the basis of its analysis it trade deal, and it is absolutely automatic.

Unfortunately all automatic EA (even Best Forex Scalping Robots) fail!
Do not repeat other people bad experience and stop watching a holy grail
automatic robot that will make you a million! They are all fail!
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Although 99.9% of Forex EA robots doesn’t work well and eventually all of them fail – here is some more information about Forex trading robots:
Types of Forex Advisors: trend advisors scalpers and scalpers, multi advisers advisers advisers martingale and combined. So, more about each. Trend Advisors, their algorithm is configured to trade with the trend, they have to take long positions with a large profit. Scalpers and scalpers are working on other algorithm, it is configured for multiple transactions, often with a large lot – a few points for the transaction. Multicurrency Forex advisers – are universal, they can work together or separately to many trade pairs. Advisors martingale or pyramiding – their algorithm action is set to increase in the lot after any loss trade, apparently, this is the most risky type of advisors Forex.

In addition, there is a combined kinds advisers, whose algorithm can be enabled simultaneously and scalping and trend trading, say, multi – many variations, but the choice is yours. Separately, another sometimes emit adviser for small deposits.

A good Forex Advisor has important advantage – he has no emotions, nerves, and hasty decisions, a key advantage in this robot before a live trader. But in fact Advisors Forex is not as perfect as it might seem. The basic requirements that we set for advisors: speed display and a minimum of false alarms.

Many traders forget that the EA Forex – this is just a robot (code), written by the same person to perform the operation on the market. Download Free Forex Advisor is not difficult, but to teach him to think like a man, you can not, at least not yet. So, trust but verify the demo! The purpose of this site – find the lucrative advisers in forex.

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