Download Free Forex Trend Scalping Indicator

If you are looking for a best Free Scalping Indicator you came to a right place.
Our Free Scalping Indicator for Forex trading is a Semi-automatic free Forex trend indicator for scalping is not simply determines the direction of the trend, but also provides signals for opening positions in the right direction, the instrument revealed a rather high profitability in testing as a demo account, and when working on live accounts.The median income for the month was up to 300%. Of course this tool is not a fully automatic expert advisers, so half the success depends on the trader forex.

Download Trend Scalping Indicator

Use this software is pretty simple, there are two areas of application. In the first case, the tool can be used as a regular trend indicator to determine the direction as in the second switch entering the market.

The indicator is essentially a fully versatile tool that fully works on any time frames and currency pairs.

Instalation of the Free Scalping Indicator – copy the indicator into the folder containing the terminal MetaTrader 4, under the experts/indicators, then restart mt4 and attach the indicator to a chart.

You can leave the settings at their own – it’s fine by default.  The indicator (like all of them) does not trade automatically, but only sends signals to the trader forex.
Download Free Forex Trend Scalping Indicator